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Since my husband and I live in a Southern California beach town, warm summer days are often spent watching the surfers from under our shady canopy.

We also regularly watch helicopters patrol right along the coast and we all know what they’re looking for…sharks!

The presence of sharks (on occasion) is a reality here, but we all just hope they stay way, waaay out in the deeper parts of the ocean!

Since it’s during this time of year that sharks are most often on my brain, I thought I’d share a much more lighthearted picture book about a rather lovable shark named Clark.

I give Carl the Shark by author Bruce Hale (and illustrator Guy Francis) bonus points for its clever and unusual use of rhyme.

The message of the story is that there’s a time and a place for things and what is appropriate behavior in one setting isn’t necessarily appropriate inside the classroom.

What a perfect mentor text to read at the very beginning of the school year when you’re establishing classroom behavior expectations!

Check out these Clark the Shark FREE teaching resources on author Bruce Hale’s website:

  • activity pages
  • Clark the Shark Event Kit

There are plenty of other great teaching resources for his other books as well!

I’m pretty sure most teachers have had many “Clarks” during their teaching career. One of the many things I really like about this story is that Clark recognizes his impulsive and rambunctious behavior doesn’t really serve him in the classroom or with his friends, and he wants to do something about it. He’s not perfect at getting things under control, but he really makes an effort.

What helps Clark work through some of his challenges? Why, using the mnemonic device of rhyme of course. I love that!

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More Clark the Shark books

There are now quite a few Clark the Shark books and several have been adapted for the Level 1 early reader. Yay!

In case you’re not familiar with Clark the Shark, actor Chris Pine provides an impressive reading of the book in this short YouTube video. (7:20 min.)


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