Teach Short & Long Vowels With Poems

Phonics poems help teach short and long vowel sounds

Phonics poems differ from other types of poetry because they are written specifically to be a targeted teaching text. They are strategically embedded with words of a certain spelling or sound pattern (such as the long o vowel/silent e) to help teach that specific phonics skill.

Short u phonics poem
Phonics poems are used to directly teach phonics skills to new readers to help them decode words as they learn to read. A short phonics poem allows you to teach a targeted skill, but within the context of real reading, because the best way to become a reader is to actually read. 
Long o phonics poem
When I first started my Teachers Pay Teachers Store in 2012, this collection of 21 phonics poems was my very first FREE product. It’s been downloaded well over 200,000 times, so I know there are a lot of other teachers and parents who like to use short targeted poems in their literacy teaching too. 

FREE Collection of 21 Phonics Poems for Teaching Short Vowels & Long Vowels

If you like my free collection, you may also like my much larger collection of phonics poems with The BIG Phonics Poetry Anthology.

copyright by Lorrie L. Birchall

Teachers have permission to use these phonics poems for teaching in their classroom, but may not distribute, publish, or sell the poems. They may not be posted on a blog or website without the author’s permission. However, you may freely link to the product in my TpT store.

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