Warm Up a February Literacy Lesson with a Groundhog Day Poem!

Groundhog Day is February 2nd and I know just the thing to celebrate…even if Punxsutawney Phil does see his shadow and predicts six more long weeks of winter!

Get your February off to a fun start with a Groundhog Day poem written from the perspective of the groundhog!

groundhog image looking at his shadow

My Groundhog Day

In my hibernating slumber,

I never made a sound,

I felt so comfy cozy

in my burrow underground.


It’s February second,

a frosty winter’s day,

a dapper man awoke me

and put me on display.


A gathering of people

stood watching me with care,

“He saw his little shadow!”

I heard the man declare.


“It’s six more weeks of winter!”

I heard the man proclaim,

The crowd of people shivered

and said it was a shame.


It’s nice to get attention

because it’s Groundhog Day,

but now I really mean it—

don’t wake me till it’s May!

© Lorrie L. Birchall


Teaching ideas for using the poem:

  • Discuss first person perspective: The poem is written from the “I point of view” of the groundhog.
  • Vocabulary: Think of synonyms for hibernating, slumber, burrow, dapper, display, proclaim
  • Identify the adjectives modifying a noun: (hibernating slumber, frosty, winter’s day, dapper man, little shadow, Groundhog Day
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